Free Rinse Offer for TidySongs Customers

RealNetworks is offering a free copy of Rinse to TidySongs customers that purchased the program after December 1, 2010

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Questions and Answers

Is Rinse the same thing as TidySongs? They look the same.

No, Rinse is a new product different from TidySongs. Rinse was built using technology from TidySongs and the interface (what you see) is the same, but the behind-the-scenes technology that handles music recognition and the music database is completely different and improved.

What aren't all TidySongs customers receive a free copy of Rinse

Because Rinse uses a new music database and song technology licensed from another company, we are unable to simply give the Rinse product away for free to everyone. As a curtorsey to recent customers, we are making a free copy of Rinse available that purchased within the last six months.

The form can't find my purchase, but I know I purchased TidySongs after December 1, 2010. Help?

Make sure you use the email address you used when purchasing TidySongs or your PayPal email address. If you are still having trouble, please contact Rinse customer support using the link above.

I just missed the cut off, what can I do?

If you feel that you did not get the full value out of your TidySongs purchase or if you would like to discuss your additional options, please contact Rinse customer support at the link above.